The TeamMeet the People Behind OneCamp



Our Passion for Youth

The team behind OneCamp is more than just a group of staff members, we are committed to serving youth in our daily lives.

At OneCamp, you can be confident that your leaders are professionals with experience and expertise working with youth with the utmost integrity.


Leadership Team


Robert McLendon

Robert and his wife Kristin are the Student Pastors at RiverStone Church in Kennesaw, GA. They have a four year-old son, Jude. Robert has been on staff at RiverStone Church as the Missions Coordinator since March of 2013 and became the Student Pastor in 2015. Robert attended four Georgia colleges before earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Kennesaw State University (long story). He earned his Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in 2014. Robert started working in 2005 alongside Kristin. They have been ministry partners ever since. He has been involved with OneCamp in some capacity since 2008. Apart from family and ministry, Robert’s interests include: the Beach, Dr. Pepper, UGA, Netflix, the Yankees, trying to figure out how to keep his hair, and hardware stores.


Kristin McLendon

Kristin joined RiverStone Church in 2008 as the Women's Student Pastor. She became the Student Pastor in 2012. Her ministry targets students from 6th-12th grade. Kristin graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Child and Family Development. She is currently working on her Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies with a focus in Church Planting at Asbury Theological Seminary. Kristin has led OneCamp since 2008, and is constantly amazed at the way the Lord expresses Himself to the students that come to OneCamp. Apart from her family and ministry her interests include: running, coffee, the beach, alone time, and traveling (usually to go running).


David Scott

David Scott is known as the David at his church that hugs, not because he does but because he isn't repelled by it. He first got involved in youth ministry because it is one of the few professions that does not require you to buy socks. He is passionate about making disciples in this generation of students. His cardinal rule of discipleship is "if you ain't puking, you ain't trying." He likes to run, not walk, especially at the pool. He loves the mountains and hates the beach. (It's not the ocean, it's the sand. It gets EVERYWHERE). He likes to try foods that are based on a dare. He loves his wife and his kids, and follows that up with loving the students of Stonebridge. His hope is to encourage and embolden students to live wholly, boldly and fearlessly for Christ even as they navigate voice-cracking, acne, and the "Hunger Games" environment that is Middle and High School.