Camp InfoEverything You Kneed To Know


Are you going to be a camper at OneCamp this year?

**Parents: Please discuss the rules very carefully with your camper so that you and he/she fully understand what is expected during the week of camp!**

  1. Campers are expected to abide by all rules.
  2. Please leave all cell phones at home. Any cell phones brought to camp will be taken up by cabin leaders and returned at the end of the week. Phones are available at Mobley Hall for fee calls home. Parents may reach their students by calling 770-786-6927 (Emergencies only, please!!!) We do this because we desire our studnts to have a week that is set apart and we know that cell phones can be a huge distraction. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Pranks are not allowed.
  4. No campers should be out of their cabins after lights out. Campers are never allowed to be in an unoccupied cabin. Any violation will result in an immediate return home.
  5. Male campers must stay on the male side of camp and females on the female side of camp. Male campers are never allowed in female cabins, and vice versa.
  6. Campers MAY NOT drive, or ride in, cars during the week of camp.
  7. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, or taking non-prescription drugs will NOT be tolerated. Any violation will result in an immediate return home.
  8. The following items should NOT be brought to camp: Cell phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, electronic games, electronic books/Bibles, laptops, radios/CD players, skateboards, fireworks, drugs, or alcoholic beverages.
  9. All medical conditions must be reported and medications turned in at check-in. During camp, all emergencies must be reported to the medical staff.
  10. At worship campers sit by gender-boys on left, girls on right!
  11. Campers are responsible for picking up their own trash! Please help us keep camp clean!
  12. All clothing must be modest. Girls- please bring a modest one-piece or tankini (midsection must be covered when arms are raised) swimsuits, only. Shorts should be modest in length. Tops should not have spaghetti straps, razor back, or be halter style and should cover your stomach-no bare midriffs. Swimsuits are not allowed to be worn in the dining hall. Pajama pants should NOT be worn outside of the cabin. Boys- No tank tops, and shorts should be modest in length. Shoes must be worn at all times…except in the pool and in the bed! Tennis shoes are encouraged to prevent falls! PLEASE use your best judgement in packing for camp. Camp counselors will ask campers to change into appropriate clothing if necessary.