Why OneCamp

A Place to Hear, Belong and Grow.


Undeniably: OneCamp is a blast. We want this week to be one that students will look back on as the most fun of their year. Through parties, dances, games, and a whole bunch of other stuff we think its hard not to have a great time at OneCamp.


Life is better with friends. We think the opportunity to connect with peers and adult leaders is one of the best things about OneCamp. These relationships are ones that last beyond camp and continue to support our students throughout the year.

The Main Thing

Jesus, period. From start to finish our goal is that Jesus would be experience, known, worshipped, and loved. Our desire, our main thing, is that students would have in environment that they can experience Jesus unlike any places else.

OneCamp Intro Video


About the Camp

A Place to Hear

Whether its parents, teachers, coaches, friends, Instagram, themselves middle and High School students hear so many voices telling them so much all the time. A lot of these voices are great, some aren’t so great, and some are just forgotten. Our goal at OneCamp is to provide a place where students can hear a message of hope, freedom, love, and encouragement: The message of Jesus. We want to share this message as much as we can and as many ways as we can because we believe that it is truly the most significant voice that our students can hear!

A Place to Belong

A lot of Middle and High School revolves around if and where you belong. Categories like what team, what club, what grades, cool or not, in or out have tremendous power of the way our students see themselves and their place in the world. Our desire is to say that everyone is in. We aim to provide a place of belonging both spiritually and socially through our commitment to Jesus message of inclusive family and opportunities for students to connect with their peers at OneCamp.

A Place to Grow

One of our great desires is that camp would last longer than camp lasts. By that we mean that we want what happens in our students at camp to extend beyond their time here, and influence their lives continually. We have noticed that a lot of students aren’t trying to figure out who they are, but they are also trying to figure out who they want to be. We intentionally design our camp to invest into the person that our students are and the person they will become through teaching and relational connections that last beyond camp.

See for Yourself

  • "Serious Fun mixed with a Serious Focus on Jesus made this the Perfect Camp for Us"

    We struggled for a long time to find the right camp for our children. OneCamp was exactly what we were looking for in a Camp experience. The kids love it!

    Martin McDouglas
  • "This will be my 4th year at OneCamp, and l can't wait!"

    I regularly go to OneCamp, and I'm so excited for this year. I've come to expect great fun, fellowship and great leadership. Go 2015!

    Alice Andrews
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